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What is Life Insurance?

Life Insurance is a contract between you and a life insurance company, which provides your beneficiary with a pre-determined amount in case of your death during the contract term. Buying insurance is extremely useful if you are the principal earning member in the family. In case of your unfortunate premature demise, your family can remain financially secure because of the life insurance policy that you have purchased. The primary purpose of life insurance is therefore protection of the family in the event of death. Today, insurance is also seen as a tool to plan effectively for your future years, your retirement, and for your children’s future needs. Today, the market off .

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What is a cash value life policy?

A cash value life policy covers you for your lifetime. “Cash value” means that premiums generally stay level during the premium payment period. The policy not only provides insurance benefits when you die, but it also builds up a dollar value from your premium payments and investment returns. You can borrow against this value with a policy loan or redeem it for cash at any time before the policy matures. Whole life, universal life and extra value life are some of the more popular forms of cash value life policies.

What kind of life insurance should I buy?

If you have long-term needs – for example, if you require life-long protection for premature death, retirement income or cash to settle your estate – then you should consider cash value insurance. Likewise, if you need protection for a specified period of time, perhaps to pay off a loan or mortgage in the event of your death, term insurance may be the right choice for you. Apply now to get a free quote on term life insurance at affordable rates.

Can I increase my life insurance coverage?

Usually, you can increase your coverage with a new policy or by adding a rider to your existing policy. However, a universal life policy can be increased without a rider or new policy. All coverage increases require you to provide evidence of insurability to your insurer.

What are the definitions of “convertible” and “renewable?

Convertible” and “renewable” are provisions in a term insurance policy. With a convertible policy, the policyowner has the option to exchange the policy for another insurance plan without evidence of insurability. However, term policies can only be converted to cash value policies. With a renewable policy, the policyowner can renew (or extend) the policy at the end of its term without evidence of insurability. When a policy includes both provisions, they continue until specified ages and then stop. Premium rates increase at each renewal, based on the insured’s age

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