ICICI Prudential Growth Fund-Series 1

RR Investor Offers great opportunity for Investors in Current Equity Markets, ICICI prudential (A Close Ended Equity Scheme) growth fund-series 1 is a 3 year close ended equity scheme and the portfolio would comprise of 40-60 stocks.

ICIC Prudential Growth Fund Series1

The Scheme aims to provide long term appreciation by:

1- Identifying companies which are likely to see growth in earnings over next 3 years period.
2- Investing across market cap with a bias towards mid and small cap space, banking and infrastructure sector.
3- Being adequately diversified, while not restricting it to benchmark sector weights.
4- Declare commensurate dividends.

For best terms please contact nearest RR Branch Or Visit:http://rrfinance.com/Mutual%20Fund/Mutual_Fund_Home.aspx


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