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Invest in SBI Equity opportunities Fund-Series II

Why invest in SBI EQUITY

Macro indicators:

Improving macro indicators leading to better economic growth prospects and improved market sentiments.

New Government:

Stable government with clearly articulated policy framework and pro-growth approach will lead to enhanced economic activity in India.

Investment Themes:

Potential opportunities arising from structural trends like home improvement, e-commerce, imports substitution & manufacturing exports, defense, education etc.


Investment Management:

Robust stock selection process, tested in various market conditions has potential to identify growth stocks at reasonable valuations.

Market Opportunity:

Opportunities across market capitalization with bias towards mid and small caps to generate value for investors in next 3 years.

This product is suitable for investors who are seeking*:

1-Long term investment.

2-A close ended equity fund that aims to generate capital appreciation.

3- High risk.

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Coal Resources in India: Are they enough to power our growth?

Economic growth of a nation critically depends on availability of energy, and coal is the main source of energy in India. Some key facts about our coal resources are given below-

  • India has the world’s third largest coal reserves in world
  • The assessed resources of coal stand at 298 billion tonnes which are expected to last for about 102 years at current rate of use
  • About 65% of our electricity is generated by coal
  • The majority of coal produced is consumed by the power sector–over 75%
  • India’s largest coal producer Coal India produced over 557 million tonnes in 2012-13, but still it imported about 80 million tonnes as it could not produce enough
  • To increase production a number of new projects are planned to be taken up in PSU coal companies and a number of coal blocks are being allocated to various private and government companies
  • With a view to infuse competition in the coal sector it has been proposed to take up the exercise of restructuring of Coal India Limited

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Indian debt market has witnessed a better inflow!

Indian debt market has witnessed a better inflow with foreign institutional investors pumping in a record Rs 1, 12,469 crore ($18.6 billion) in the debt market till date in 2014.

With RBI governor Raghuram Rajan’s main focus now on containing inflation, bond dealers do not see any immediate cut in key policy rates which could have directly brought down the benchmark yield on the 10-year government securities from the current level of about 8.50%.

Bond market players expect that given strong demand for gilts form FIIs, the government may now increase the $25-billion limit and bring down the limit for corporate bonds. If that happens as more FIIs rush to buy gilts, prices will rise and yields will soften

Market Outlook

The Indian rupee appreciated over 6% in the beginning of 2014 due to huge foreign investment in the country’s debt and equity market. This rally was led on the hopes of a strong and stable government to revive the Indian economy. However the trend for the INR has reversed in last 2 months. The risk factors for the Indian rupee include high inflation, Middle East crisis, low percentage of forex reserves/external debt, and Fed tapering.

The foreign investors have high expectations from the ruling government. If these expectations are not met, then the Indian rupee is likely to depreciate further. Talk of volatility in the currency market and issues surrounding capital flows are back. The Indian rupee depreciated over 3% against the US dollar between 2 July and 6 August.

Last year, Indian markets witnessed high volatility after the Fed indicated for the first time that it will reduce the quantum of asset purchase, popularly referred to as tapering. Foreign investors sold Indian assets (equity and debt) worth over $12.5 billion in three months to August. Experts are of the view that markets may be subjected to volatility as the US central bank ends its asset purchase programme, but it will not be at the same scale as witnessed last year.

Indian rupee has witnessed some volatility and inflows from foreign investors in the equity markets have slowed, while the debt market has seen net selling in the current month. It is always difficult to prejudge the extent and timing of the way policy decisions will affect global financial markets and to what extent Indian markets will be affected.

However, irrespective of the way things pan out in the global financial markets, investors in India will draw comfort from the fact that compared to last year, fundamentals have improved and the outlook on Indian markets is positive.

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DSP BLACKROCK 3 Years Close Ended Equity Fund

The primary investment objective of the Scheme is to generate capital appreciation by investing predominantly in portfolio of equity and equity-related securities.

The fund will invest in Micro, Small and Midcap companies with an aim to capitalize on the Indian growth story.

NEw Fund Offer

Key reasons to invest in this fund:

  • Experienced investment team
  • Robust risk and quantitative analytics
  • Long track record of Fund Manager

For more information please visit:

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